June 28, 2012

More pictures and new articles about the last day of filming in Hermosillo

According to one of the articles below, "Chavez" filming in Los Angeles will only take a week. I guess Diego will take a long and well deserved vacation with his family after that.


Carole said...

Cris had kept the best for last . I'm completely in love with the first two pics = the dreamy look , diego & hat . I also love the last , with the big hugs between Diego & this man . This one is a lovely atmosphere of end , full of joy & love .
I loved so much than I saved them for my collection . I had thought about making greeting cards but my gran doesn't know Diego Luna (Diego who ?) If France doesn't know him a lot , I should nevertheless to introduce this man to my family , no ? I think it's time ;-D
Thank you , these pics are really beautiful. And seriously , i don't know why , but i'm a little sad with this filming end which approach . Certainly because it's the end .
I will try to translate the clippings , which seems to be interesting as always . I look forward to seeing this movie , I hope we'll have a small handful of photos in LA , and Cris you're right , Diego will take a very deserved vacation .

Cuore in Blue said...

Looking at the second pic from the left, a song comes to my mind: Helpless when she smiles (in this case, HE smiles), by Backstreet Boys. The chorus says:

"I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
a reckless ride in the pouring rain
she cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
she danced away just like a child
she drives me crazy drives me wild
but I'm helpless when she smiles."

I don´t know why, I may be totally crazy or something but one thing is for sure: I´m helpless when Diego smiles.