June 26, 2012

New on set pictures, articles and video


Today was the last day of filming in Hermosillo. Now the shooting of "Chavez" is going to move to L.A.

Here are some new pictures of Diego on the movie set:

Here are two articles about the last day of filming in Mexico:

And here is a video of Diego and the governor of Sonora yesterday afternoon at the movie set:

As usual, you can find much more in our gallery!


Carole said...

It's a wrap !
(1rst deletion by mistake)
Cris thank you for the adventure, which allowed us to be a little on the movie set (except than in me it was rainning every day . And except that I was brunching with my accountant & not Dieguito )
I have a great project of travel : Visit the gallery asap , for all recent pics , that I had no time to look at, yet. Imperative, if I don't want to be overwhelmed by the next in LA, maybe.
Oh,Cris I love the choice that you have finally taken , to post some family photos on the forum! It's a bit the old configuration, i think you made a great choice. Kisses :)

Cuore in Blue said...

I loved the last pic (with the red handkerchief over his head). When I have free time, I´ll see the video. Now I´m with no time to write nothing more than this comment and say hello to all of you girls!!

Have a nice day/evening/nigh wherever U R !!

Love U lunatics.

Cassie said...

Hello Cuore! Nice to see you!!:)
And thanks Cris for another great post.
i must say its been really cool to see pics from the set! I think it would be really cool to work on a movie set I think it must be pretty fun - though hard work for sure!

and I saw the other pics in the gallery of the kids!! Fiona looked so cute in that little red dress - so precious :).

can't wait to see more stuff upcoming from LA!

*hugs for everyone! I love coming here* :)

Carole said...

I also love the last picture , the attitude is adorable i don't know why (red bandana ?) Cuore , you summarized so well our situation (no doubt for everyone)Myself , I also have less & less time because of my work , and Cris dug up so many great things ! I come here a little time each morning & i will also discover the video during a busy weekend . And Cassie you're so right ,when you mentionne the idea to be on the movie set ! (love love love love ........)

I have an luminous idea (...) and if we all left there ? :D éhéhé make your suitcase , and we also take Cris & Heather ! :D !