June 5, 2012

New pictures of Diego and the cast of "Chavez"

Yesterday, Diego and the cast filmed some scenes at a theater in Hermosillo. John Malkovich has joined the cast and shot his first scenes.


These pics were taken today on the movie set:

Rosario Dawson and John Malkovich:

And some good news came out today: "Chavez" distribution rights to North America were bought by Participant Media.

Click here for more details.


Carole said...

John Malkovich appears extremely intimidating and his way of smoking like a great man , would not give myself want to be in late on a movie set.
An artistic strength always emanates from this man , Respect but small spooky :-{ (What is good is that I read next to this article that Madonna has trouble with France because of our political national front. I was aware but it's weird to see it next to Diego , It will not restore our image. When France & Mexico are side by side... it could be better . Diego if you hear me (...) I'm not proud . Anything to do )
Through this several publications I discover people unknown to me , it's interesting , and Rosario Dawson is very beautiful . I hope to discover again more people on this set !!

Carole said...

This morning I have a few minutes of break , and I discover the update , thank you Cris , the photos you added are wonderful !

To engross in the heart of this movie set gives me wings ,
John Malkovich who smiles reconcile myself with his authority (it reminds me that I must go to see my boss for a pay rise ... mmmm ? )

And I permanently opt for the best photo which is - i think - the 8th from the top on the left (Diego who laugh :-D ) The light , the sun , the smile , I can't say why but I love it , Diego perhaps ?
I look forward to know what the girls think about it , maybe ..

Anyway , a ray of sunlight in a cruel working day ... thank you forever +++++.

Carole said...

Oh sorry but i want add that the link which return to the newspaper article on "Chavez" is , in my opinion , fascinating . Concise & explicit , I took great pleasure in learning more !!! Now I really need to see the film ... hope hope.

Cassie said...

nice new pics from the set! and i agree Carole, that pic of Diego is great with the smile and sunshine... and the long hair and scruff and everything else! lol :)

I find myself wondering if he misses Camila and the kids? which I'm sure he does...and i wonder if she will come visit the set eventually like she had back when he was shooting Abel...?

Cris said...

Hi Cassie! I'm glad you liked the new pics. Tomorrow I'll post a bunch of new pics. Camila and the kids are in Hermosillo since Sunday. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures of them there, but I know that they visited the movie set on Monday because several extras posted on twitter that they saw Diego's wife and kids during the lunch break. Kisses!

Cassie said...

oh wow!! well thats great I'm glad they're visiting. I don't know how Diego could be away from those little ones for so long. I have a niece and nephew that I miss terribly if I don't see them at least once a week or two. Especially when they are small and I love to watch them grow and stuff. Especially little Fiona she's at such a fun age :).
I hope some pics of their visit surface soon! that would be cool.

Carole said...

Yes ! The artist's life seems so different from ours , if I may say. The lifestyle of Diego & his couple has always fascinated me , and wow , I wonder how they organize themselves . Maybe they're just like everybody else but they're so discreet :o& ! I think that's why they're always in love . And that's maybe why we didn't see any photo in Hermosillo yet :o(
I also believe they're lucky because everyone does what he likes , without being an obstacle to the other , definiton of respect , no doubt . But yes I join you Cassie , the kids must miss him sometime , I would not myself consider several days without my little boy . Diego seems so in love with them that he certainly manages himself so as not disappear for too long .. am I wrong ?
I also hope that we will see some pictures of the recent reunion in Hermosillo ! (grrr but why does this man is he married with the most cute girl of mexico ?)

jesus peralta said...

fue lo maximo yo tube la oportunidad de participar por primera vez y espero no ultima como extra en esta pelicula me encanta el trabajo de todos los de la produccion

jesus peralta said...

I was the maximum I had the opportunity to participate for the first time and hopefully not last as an extra in this movie I love the work of all of the production