June 20, 2012

New interview and behind the scenes video

Primero Noticias, a mexican news show, broadcast an interview with Diego, Pablo Cruz and some of the actors today. There are also some behind the scenes moments. One of them shows Michael Peña dressed as Cesar Chavez giving a speech.

UPDATE: June 21st

I've just found a new video (totally in English!) of Diego and the cast of "Chavez" filming and hanging out in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, last Sunday:


Cassie said...

Love the video!! That was a great clip. I have no idea what Diego or Pablo are saying but it was great to see. I'll take it things are going well? lol.
It was cool to see the other actors talk! In english! So is the movie going to be all in English then? That speech scene was cool. I'm even more excited now to see it.
I loved the positive comments that Rosario had for Diego :)

Cris said...

Hi Cassie! Things are going pretty well! Diego said that he was nervous to direct John, that it took him 3 or 4 takes to get his nerves under control. He also said that he can't believe he got to direct such an important movie, with lots of great actors and such a big budget for mexican movies standards. Diego said in an interview while ago that the movie will be mostly in English, with some parts in Spanish.

Cassie said...

Oooh awesome! Thanks Cris for letting me know. :D
I am so happy for Diego- I'm glad its all going good and that he is happy to be doing this movie - which means so much to him and everyone in Mexico.
And I loved the 2nd video!! Awesome to see some behind the scenes clips - i loved when diego said "action" LOL. I'm so lame. He's so cute.

Anyways, more positive complements about Diego are also heartwarming. If only one day to meet in person! *sigh*


Heather said...

Love the videos, Cris. I wanna hang out, drink beer and eat good food with Diego!!!! I'm looking forward to this film, as well.

Carole said...

I discover these videos a little late , but not joyless .
I love the second , and the word "Action!" from Diego at first , I don't know , makes him even more sexy , no ? Actually it makes me want to see more , I mean , I would find a way to see diego in the skin of producer more often (Maybe the actor has no longer secret for us but I especially think that diego producer is really cute )
I like the way that Diego has to highlight things a bit unknown , atypical , "forgotten" ,in a disconcerting humility . And the film set seems to be very happy !
Thank you :o)

Cuore in Blue said...

Very, very interesting videos. I like watching Diego in interviews, it´s like a chance to know him pretty well. The moments seen in behind the scenes are priceless. I´d would be eager to be there, shooting a movie. I´d be a wonderful expereince for life.

Thanks Cris & Heather for always be there, since you´re are always on the first line, bringing us news, pics and all kind of info about Diego´s career.

God bless U & this great site.

Kisses from Cuore.

(I just realized I've become very melancholic. But it is well-born to be grateful with others.)

Carole said...

Hi Cuore ,
Obviously , I'll join you when you say it would be a great life experience , that of being on a movie set with Diego.
(are there contest in your country , on packets of crips or sweets , to win a voyage for 2 people on the filming location ?... Just kidding , but know that France loves this kind of things ... :D I think that Diego would find the idea ... commercial ?)

And Heather , I'll join you also in terms of having want to have a lunch with diego . I not often drink beer because I fall asleep from the first glass , and it would be a shame with Diego :(
But with water , or herbal tea (wow) or even nothing , I go with you !

Cuore , we don't see you much on the forum , it's a great shame . Hope to see you there one day :)

Carole said...

I don't know how to translate the sentence (I do it in spanish ) "es una lastima" . That's what I wanna say when I write "it's a great shame" .
It was the spelling minute .

Carole said...

Oh sorry i'm back . I wanted to add that what said Cris about the state of nerves & anxiety of Diego , generated by the sensation of directing great men for a great movie , touch me a lot .
Basically , I always feel that he's a simple man , who surprised himself by his abilities of giant . This is perhaps what makes him so cute .
He looks like a gifted child .

I always think that I know Diego through the medias , but I always learn more about him on every publication here , through the years . It's magic !

Cassie said...

I have to agree about hangin out on the movie set! Can you imagine how fun the party would be when the movie was done? THATS where I want to be ;)
Lunch with beers and good food sounds awesome too. I will take anything though I don't want to be too picky haha. :)