June 16, 2012

New pictures of Diego in Hermosillo

I found some new pictures of Diego during a lunch break while filming "Chavez" in Hermosillo. I believe the pictures are from earlier this month.

There are more pics in our gallery.


Cassie said...

Great pics! I love how happy he looks when he sits down with his food.:)
lookin good as always!

Cuore in Blue said...

Bon apetite Dieguito!! :p Suddenly I´m hungry too... I wouldn´t mind sitting beside him, sharing food while chatting for a while.

He looks so happy and so cute. I like to see Diego in informal, common situations in life. And this is one of them.

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Carole said...

I love this site for many reasons . And also , because on days like today , after long hours of work at home , I discover new updates that enchant me ! Each new release is a breath of fresh air , and as you girls , I find that they are friendly , sunny , optimistic ... blabla bla .
I don't know what these guys are celebrating by clinking their beer in the full heat (Oh my god . The headache ..) but it may be just the atmosphere on set :D ?
Since nobody hear me and that we are between us (éhéhé meanwhile , almost all Mexico read us ..)amongst all my dreams , there is the one in which I have a lunch with Diego (Yes I'm lucid don't worry) ...
That's why I always have a small preference (among other things) for photos dinners & lunches , with diego & the sun .

Thank you Cris , and to you all ... cheeeeers ! (Heat , if you hear me , join us... and there is good beer ! See above)