June 3, 2012

Old Website / New Blog

Hi Lunatics,

I wanted to let you know that my old website diegolunaloco.com will eventually go away. Meaning, when my subscription with the web host expires, they'll likely take the site down.

As much as I loved having all the features of an actual website, this new blog is much easier and cheaper to maintain. With the old site I was spending over $100 a year and it was very labor intensive and time consuming to update. As a result, I didn't update it as much as I would have liked to. And I fear if I'd kept on that path, I would have eventually let the site wither into neglect. So rather than shut it down, I decided to move it over to a blog. This blog! It's free, super easy to update and most importantly, we can have multiple authors/administrators. (Thank you, Cris.)

We obviously can't move everything over from the old website to the new blog, but we are currently trying to add a FORUM and make this blog as good, if not better, than it's predecessor.

Just wanted to explain my reasoning for anyone who cares.


P.S. I've slowly been building a new gallery in photobucket.


Cassie said...

Hi Heather! of course we care! :) Thanks for your update. I totally understand your reasoning's and think this blog is turning out great so far. I'm sure the others just like myself appreciate all the efforts you and Cris go through for making this a great meeting place for fans and updates. And I can't wait for the new forum!
Thanks for everything!
big hugs :)

Carole said...

Hello Heather ,
Thanks for everything . Whatever you do , Cris and you , it will always be a great refuge for me than to come to rest , here . I think I'm not mistaken if I speak for all who come here without automatically post their comments . The next forum will be perfect , for sure !
I chose my loyalty card here , because behind these small exchanges , fun & light , there is a genuine desire to share a beautiful passion with great persons . Life is what it is , and Diego is a nice value-added to our . And those who love him will understand .
So I also look forward to the forum in the future , and to see more !

Have a good day !

Carole said...

(Oh wow , I add that I take the opportunity of a rest day granted by my boss , and I come from a long voyage ... the photos gallery that you mentioned in your post below , Heather .
I haven't vizualized all of them before , I didn't know the half , they are great !
I don't know how to do , to avoid that the heaviness of the files not slow down my computer , but my advice is that it really worth going to have a look , or more .

Do you have some trouble with the heaviness of files in general , or are there any capabilities of my internet ?

I'll have the king's choice for a beautiful wallpaper ;o) (and dreams) , there are billions photos to look at , thank you for billions . )