June 10, 2012

MoviStar Phone Commercial

Here is another favorite Diego video of mine. He did a commercial for MoviStar mobile phones in Mexico. If I had to guess, I'd say this was probably 2004.


Cris said...

Oh I love this commercial! And I agree with you, Heat. I think it's from 2004, judging by Diego's look.

Thanks for posting it!

Cuore in Blue said...

0:50 --> I fell in love with those expressive, beautiful eyes.

Diego surprises me a lot. Not only he´s a cinema, theatre & soup opera actor, but now TV commercials !!! though years ago. As all of you already know Telefonica is a Spanish telecommunications provider operating globally, including Latin America and the US, among others countries. I am proud of that, for sure.

Thanks a bunch for sharing the video, I´ve never seen it and it´s good to see Diego in lots of registers. What a polifacetic man!!

Carole said...

Wow I discover this mini movie for the first time , and it is convenient because it's short . So you can watch it often more :-D
I love the attitude , the look , and the sofa (...) I love ,I love it ! But a normal girl can not remain insensitive to this video or I understand nothing .
I didn't remember that Diego had this look in 2004 . I shall have said much later ...
Thank you Heather .

Cassie said...

This was cool to see! I've never seen it before either. Thanks! :D he looks cute spying on those girls hehe.

Hibisco Encarnado said...

Que carinha safada.
Esse sorriso é demais! Conquista qualquer uma.